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Coaching and Training for Stress-Free Productivity


The Mona Lisa

Certified Professional Coach

Conquer your daily chaos

Conquer your daily chaos

How to get the right things done easily, quickly and with energy

SOS productivity training and coaching solutions

Learn how to leverage the two most important assets you possess -
your TIME and your LIFE.

Training and coaching solutions

Tanya's Mission

It all starts with YOU
YOU deserve the life of your dreams

With enthusiasm and compassion, my mission is to support, energize and empower you to maximize your productivity, stress-free, by providing the best tools, strategies and resources that will allow you to achieve your personal and professional ambitions with gusto!

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Two of my favorite coaches !

John Assaraf, CEO of NeuroGym™

Here I am with one of my awesome mentors John Assaraf, Author of New York times best-selling books, brain researcher and CEO of NeuroGym™

Pam Hendrickson

I am very privileged to have been trained by one of my all time favorite teacher Pam Hendrickson having worked for 18 years along side Tony Robbins as his Vice-President of Content and Product Development.