SOS productivity training and coaching solutions
How to leverage the two most important assets you possess - your TIME and your LIFE!

Conquer your daily chaos

Conquer your daily chaos

How to get the right things done easily, quickly and with energy. You can finally say goodbye to your feelings of being overwhelm, being stressed, being tired and drained of your energy, not knowing where to begin and running around like a mad person trying to get it all done.

This 3-week live online training program will allow you to take back control of your daily priorities and create a life you love with enthusiasm, passion and absolute satisfaction!

More Money, More Time and More Freedom

More Money; More Time; More Freedom

Have you even dreamed of getting rid of all of your debt and having the financial freedom to get all that it is you desire? Have you ever dreamed of being able to work from home, being your own boss, on your own schedule and on your own terms and conditions? What about, having more time and energy to spend with your loved ones, achieving all your wildest dreams and ambitions and living with passion?

If you answered YES to any of the above, be sure to register to this FREE 60 minutes' webinar. I will share with you the information you required to make all the above a reality, easily, simply and faster than you ever thought possible. This sounds too good to be true? Be sure to listen to this webinar and I promise it will be the best 60 minutes' investment you will have ever made!

Positive Productivity Recipe Guide

Positive Productivity Recipe

Your ultimate step-by-step guide to implement Stress-Free Productivity into your personal and professional lives. Get it NOW! This wonderful recipe contains all the ingredients you need to get moving on your stress-free productivity journey. You will be able to start using what you will learn within this guide quickly and easily to get organized, focused on what matters most, create the necessary momentum to tackle your daily priorities and create a life you absolutely love!

One-on-One Stress Free Productivity Coaching

One-on-One and Group Coaching and Training

Are you looking to improve your efficiency and achieve explosive results? Are you facing new challenges? You have reached a plateau and now need a boost to create momentum and progress towards your success?  Your “status quo” is no longer yielding the results you aspire to? Wondering where to start? What are the steps and actions to take to make it all happen?

Ascensia Coaching provides personalized coaching and training tailored to your own personal needs or the needs of your team and organization. It is now time to put into practice the best and proven productivity strategies and achieve explosive results quickly, easily and with energy! Personalized coaching and training offers a unique opportunity to work directly with Tanya who is passionately committed and dedicated to your success.

Stress-Free Productivity Speaking Engagement

Stress-Free Productivity Speaking Engagement

Ascensia Coaching offers dynamic conferences with passion and fun guaranteed. If you are looking for an effective and creative way to awaken and leverage the full productivity potential of your organization, search no more and book Tanya at your next team meeting, all staff, team building, retreat or event. Tanya possess a proven ability to maintain your audience’s attention and inspire action.